HappyTap Portable Hand Washing Sink offers a whole new way to upgrade schools and day cares to provide handwashing immediately, at low cost. Now offering new extended handle for easier tap operation.

  • NEW: Extended handle makes tap operation easier, and does not require finger contact (i.e. can be wrist / elbow operated)
  • Place Anywhere: Unlike conventional sinks it does not require plumbing which can be costly and takes time. Ideal for schools, clinics, cafeterias, and home
  • Instant Set Up: Completely assembled within minutes, add water and a bar of soap for instant hand washing.
  • Water Efficient: Low-flow tap and 4.5 gallon tank allow 50-70 uses per fill
  • Safe: HappyTap is safe to use, even by young children
  • Durable: Food-grade material; built to last under tough usage conditions.


Portable Sink

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Great product, I needed something to wash my kids hands outside before they come in. This is perfect.

- Mina, US

The new normal for hygiene

Putting handwashing within reach